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Table 1 Simulation data including, average \(\left (\widetilde {X}_{+}, \: \widetilde {Y}_{+}, \: \widetilde {Z}_{+} \right)\) over the blade surface, nDOF, and the mean \(\overline {C_{L}}\) and \(\overline {C_{D}}\) coefficients

From: On the mesh resolution of industrial LES based on the DNS of flow over the T106C turbine

Cases\(\widetilde {X}_{+}\)\(\widetilde {Y}_{+}\)\(\widetilde {Z}_{+}\)nDOF ×106\(\overline {C_{L}}\)\(\overline {C_{D}}\)
p1 coarse311.44340.10.42181.1339
p2 coarse200.96220.50.42471.1435
p3 coarse160.74171.20.42011.1404
p4 coarse130.60142.30.42211.1389
p1 fine160.78181.20.41801.1393
p2 fine100.48114.00.42051.1402
p3 fine80.3689.50.42231.1387