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Top 10 Downloaded Articles in 2022

Release Date: 25 May, 2023

We’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the authors of our most-downloaded articles in 2022, and highlight to our readers some of the most influential research papers published in Advances in Aerodynamics. Hope these articles are of interest to you.

2022 4:20
Review of vortex methods for rotor aerodynamics and wake dynamics
By: H. Lee, B. Sengupta, M. S. Araghizadeh & R. S. Myong

2022 4:18
Research progress of hypersonic boundary layer transition control experiments
By: Hesen Yang, Hua Liang, Shan-guang Guo, Mengxiao Tang, Chuanbiao Zhang, Yun Wu & Yinghong Li

2022 4:7
Accelerating CFD simulation with high order finite difference method on curvilinear coordinates for modern GPU clusters
By: Chuang-Chao Ye, Peng-Jun-Yi Zhang, Zhen-Hua Wan, Rui Yan & De-Jun Sun

2021 3:37
Evolutionary understanding of airfoil lift
By: Tianshu Liu

2021 3:25
A low-boom and low-drag design method for supersonic aircraft and its applications on airfoils
By: Liuqing Ye, Zhengyin Ye, Kun Ye, Jie Wu & Shengjie Miao

2021 3:4
Drag reduction by application of aerodynamic devices in a race car
By: Devang S. Nath, Prashant Chandra Pujari, Amit Jain & Vikas Rastogi

2020 2:19
High-enthalpy hypersonic flows
By: Joseph J. S. Shang & Hong Yan

2020 2:14
Effects of aspect ratio and inclination angle on aerodynamic loads of a flat plate
By: Mehrdad Shademan & Arash Naghib-Lahouti

2020 2:4
Recent investigations of shock wave effects and interactions
By: P. M. Ligrani, E. S. McNabb, H. Collopy, M. Anderson & S. M. Marko

2019 1:7
Modern problems of aircraft aerodynamics
By: Sergey L. Chernyshev, Sergey V. Lyapunov & Andrey V. Wolkov